A Christmas Story sequel is coming. The sequel to the original movie from 1983 features several returning characters.  A Christmas Story, which starred Peter Billingsley as Ralphie, was about the Parker family’s fateful Christmas when a 9-year-old boy Ralphie asked Santa for an air rifle. A Christmas Story Christmas is a  revisit of the story nearly four decades after the release of the classic movie. Bob Clark’s 1983 film is hailed as one of the greatest Christmas films ever produced.

A Christmas Story Christmas trailer revealed some of the returning actors and their parts in Ralphie’s upcoming holiday journey. Although some characters are new, like Ralphie’s wife Sandy and their childer, most of the characters come from the original 1983 film. The audience is sure to love the way the sequel honors the actors and characters that couldn’t be employed in the movie. One such instance is the role of Darren McGavin as Ralphie’s father.

The plot of A Christmas Story centers around Ralphie’s life as an adult. He’s married and has two children, but he’s still a mischievous kid on the inside. He is in charge of celebrating Christmas this year and wants it to be as special as he remembers it, said Screen Rant.

Peter Billingsley has only occasionally appeared in new projects since he played Ralphie in A Christmas Story almost 40 years ago. In addition to filming a cameo for the contemporary Christmas classic Elf, Billingsley also had a minor role in The Break-Up. His other most prominent performance was as William Ginter Riva in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Iron Man and Spider-Man: Far From Home. For the first time in decades, Peter Billingsley is reprising a significant leading role in A Christmas Story Christmas.

Randy Parker, who also appeared in the first film, will also be back for A Christmas Story Christmas, with Ian Petrella playing the part once more. Randy, Ralphie’s younger brother, used to eat like a pig.

The sequel also features Scott Schwartz as Flicks, one of Ralphie’s best friends. The audience remembers him as a kid who licked an icy pole outside and stuck his tongue to the pole. In the 2022 follow-up to A Christmas Story, Flick will return to reveal what life is like for him as an adult. This includes a bar that Flick owns.

R.D. Robb reprises his role as Schwartz in A Christmas Story Christmas. He is the one who challenged Flick to lick the pole.

In A Christmas Story Christmas, Scut Farkus, the bully from Ralphie’s youth, makes a comeback. Scut terrorizes Ralphie and his friends on a regular basis when they are kids, but his reappearance in the A Christmas Story sequel will reveal whether he has changed. Even after all these years, he is still spotted wearing his customary animal fur winter cap and braces.

In the follow-up to A Christmas Story, viewers will also see Ralphie’s mother, Mrs. Parker. Melinda Dillon portrayed Ralphie’s mother in the first film. The actress hasn’t been on the big screen since 2007, as she decided to leave acting before the sequel was released. Julie Hagerty takes over the role of Ralphie’s mother.

On November 17, 2022, the HBO Max original movie debuts on the streaming platform.