Cancel culture strikes again, this time eating one of its own! The Ellen Degeneres Show is now canceled from being shown on Channel Nine in Australia. It will be replace by reruns of Desperate Housewives during Ellen’s time of 12-1pm.

Daily Mail Australia reports that discussions will continue between Warner Bros. and Nine for broadcast rights for next season, but that starts next month, which is in about a week from now. These discussions are ongoing, but nothing solid appears in place yet.

There’s a lot of speculation that the investigation by WarnerMedia, who’s looking into claims of staffers being mistreated and facing both racial and sexual harassment, could be part of the reason this show was canceled on that particular network.

It should be noted that Channel Nine is just one network out of many, and some stations could still be airing the show. Ellen hasn’t been totally canceled just yet, but it’s unclear if more stations will follow the trend of cancel culture and take her down even further.

At one point Ellen issued an apology, but as one YouTube user named Cole Steele put it, it was the “worst non-apology apology of all time… The definition of being a fraudulent and hypocritical person. I am done with Ellen. Monster!

Daily Mail continued their report, stating that “earlier this month, a Nine representative confirmed the network had chosen not to air new episodes from the current season, which Ellen is recording in self-isolation from her $27million mansion in California, because they were best-of episodes.

‘In the end, they were running best-of iso compiles which we weren’t contracted to acquire,’ the spokesperson said.

Instead, Nine opted to screen reruns of The Ellen DeGeneres Show from before the coronavirus pandemic forced production to move from the studio to Ellen’s home.

However, these repeats have now stopped airing altogether, with soap opera Desperate Housewives – starring Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria – filling the midday time slot instead.”

What happens next for Ellen remains to be seen.

Will she be canceled entirely? Will she move to something new on her own?

Keep your eyes open for more updates on The Ellen Degeneres show and her new battle with cancel culture.