Kirsten Dunst ran into a little teeth issue and had some disparity with pay, as revealed in a recent article on Independent. She was taken to the dentist to have her teeth fixed while preparing for the role in Spider-Man. She had no idea what was going on until the automobile arrived at the dentist’s office. Dunst was preparing to play Mary Jane Parker, Peter Parker’s charming love interest in the $130 million comic-book adaptation

She was beautiful, talented, and young – a dream come true for the producers. But wouldn’t a straight set of teeth make an upside-down kiss look better? She did not exit the vehicle. While her unaltered incisors crunched into a fresh carrot, the 39-year-old recalled adoring her teeth way too much. “Also, Sofia Coppola loved my teeth,” she adds.

Coppola dubbed Dunst “the top actress of her generation” and took her under her wing. Dunst recalls the significance of the experiences, implying that Coppola made her feel beautiful throughout her troubled teens. If it had been a male director complimenting her appearance… “Completely different!” she exclaims. “‘Ew, don’t say that I’m 16,’ you’d say.”

Spider-Man was a far cry from The Virgin Suicides’ arthouse mystery, but Dunst gave a woman who could have been little more than a cipher that same knowing twinkle. The movie grossed $821 million, with the sequel bringing in $789 million. However, the pay disparity between Dunst and Spider-Man was extreme and she didn’t get nearly as much as he did.

Do you think Dunst would have gone to the dentist if she hadn’t met Coppola? “Who knows?” she continues. I mean, I have a wonderful mother as well, but my mother is the type that might have said, ‘Yeah, why not have straight teeth?'” Dunst’s mother recently admitted to her daughter that she used to be “very vain.” “I simply remember her wanting a facelift or a breast job or something like that.” That type of vanity… you have to be very careful with it.” she chuckles.

So Mary Jane’s teeth on the Spider-Man billboard were mysteriously straightened, and Dunst’s imperfect teeth lived to see another day.