In just a few days a number of songs called “Let’s Go Brandon” have reached the top of the iTunes charts.

According to PopVortex, there was a total number of four anti-Biden rap anthems titled “Let’s Go Brandon” in the iTunes top 10 U.S. music chart as of Thursday. On Monday, there were twice as many Brandon-themed songs in the top ten.

On the iTunes Top 10 Music Charts USA, Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon” (with Tyson James and Chandler Crump) maintained the first position. Three versions connected to rapper Loza Alexander held the second, fifth, and sixth positions.

Mr. Alexander’s “Let’s Go Brandon (extended version)” came in second, followed by British star Adele’s “Easy on Me” and country musician Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like.”

Godz Child’s “Let’s Go Brandon,” a Loza Alexander remix, came in fifth, followed by Mr. Alexander’s original “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Godz Child, a Florida rapper, was the most recent to get into the top 10 with a single that features his lyrics over Mr. Alexander’s appealing background loop.

According to Hustle Weekly, the Godz Child version has gone “viral on TikTok.” The popularity was even greater on the iTunes list of the most downloaded rap and hip-hop songs.

The songs refer to a rallying cry that made news after an NBC NASCAR reporter claimed on broadcast on Oct. 2 that a Talladega crowd was shouting “Let’s go, Brandon” in honor of winning driver Brandon Brown, despite video evidence indicating that fans were actually shouting “F—- Joe Biden.”

“Let’s go, Brandon” has subsequently become a euphemism for Biden critics, prompting the #LetsGoBrandonChallenge, in which Biden opponents share examples of people using the term on social media.

Mr. Gray’s song went to number one despite the fact that he stated his song had been banned by YouTube and TikTok for “medical inaccuracy,” an apparent reference to his anti-vaccine lyrics. He tweeted on Thursday, “Update: TikTok just banned my ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song from their platform.”