Megyn Kelly faced insurmountable backlash after she replied with vigilance to a message posted by President-elect Joe Biden, who called for America to unite. Kelly’s comment was a reference to Joe Biden living in a basement.

Joe Biden’s tweet said “A nation united. A nation strengthened. A nation healed. The United States of America.” The former Fox News host, Kelly ripped back at him with a bitter tongue, saying “Written like a man who’s been in his basement for a year.”

kelly vs joe

It was at this point that it went further downhill for the former Fox News and NBC host and Megyn Kelly was hit with a barrage of backlash from people calling her a “horrible human being” to others simply telling her to stop and lead by example.

Some of the replies are as follows:

But it did not stop there. Megyn Kelly quipped back at several who posted and many others made valid points as well. Some are as follows.

jon fav

If anything, the next few months will be ripe with political drama that includes people on all levels. From random neighbors next door to big media figures and of course, Donald Trump, who appears to be plotting legal action in several battleground states where America might see a recount. That’s simply a possibility, not a proven fact.