During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Michael Keaton revealed he will be shooting new scenes this week in which he plays one of his super-hero villain roles, the Vulture!

Keaton was asked to tell everyone about the return of Batman, as he is also reprising this role after 30 years, and he not only did talk about Batman but also revealed that he would repeat his role of Vulture – something many believe was supposed to be kept a secret for the upcoming movie.

“Tomorrow I’m shooting scenes in which Vulture appears,” said Keaton, but he fell silent quickly after being asked to talk a little more about that.

Keaton explained that he tried not to ask unnecessary questions on the set as it was simply expected that the making of superhero movies would be a secret. He even made a joke about how for that reason he did not ask whether George Clooney or Val Kilmer would appear in the new film “Flash.”

The upcoming Spider-Man movie is just a month away, and the Vulture is not the only villain character who has been revealed in an interview to appear in a movie. Doc Ock was also revealed to be a part of Spider-Man: No Way Home after Alfred Molina was free to talk about playing the villain again months before it was confirmed that he would be back.