A video showing what appears to be Tom Cruise in a campaign video, running across a desert and listing a lot of his movies is making rounds on social media and now people think he’s running for president.

The video in question really does look like Tom Cruise, but it’s actually a comedian/impersonator named Miles Fisher, who made the video as a comedy short.

To be fair, they did a very good job of making this video very believable. However, Tom Cruise is officially NOT running for president.

“This video does not feature the real Tom Cruise, nor is it a genuine campaign video.

The person starring in this video may seem to look, talk, and act like Tom Cruise on first watch, but the clip actually features Miles Fisher, an actor and Tom Cruise lookalike. Fisher, who parodied Tom Cruise in the 2008 film “Superhero Movie,” originally shared this video to his Twitter account in August 2019 with the question, “What if Tom Cruise ran for president?”” (Snopes)

Here’s the “Tom Cruise campaign video” people have been sharing:

The video was so good that Sharon Stone responded, joking that she wants to be the chief of staff or press secretary, and she also included a Cruise2020 hashtag.