Elon Musk is demanding the publication of the deceased jailed offender Jeffrey Epstein’s “client” lists.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is in the middle of buying social media giant Twitter, fired back at an MSNBC anchor who called him a “petulant and not-so-bright billionaire” in a series of tweets this week.

Musk began by bringing up NBC’s own recent high-profile gaffes. When a fan jumped in to criticize the mainstream media’s priorities generally, Musk brought up the crucial, unaddressed topic of Epstein and his co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell, per report.

Musk tweeted: “Where is their “client” list? Shouldn’t at least one of them go down!?”

The post was part of a conversation that began on Monday, when MSNBC’s Medhi Hasan went on a rampage against Musk, alleging that his proposed takeover of Twitter would provide the platform to the “far-right.”

Hasan stated, “We are living in an unspeakably frightening period.” “The Republican Party’s pro-QAnon, pro-neo-Nazi fringe is certain to grow massively in the midterm elections.”

“We’re only two years from Donald Trump reclaiming executive authority.” If that occurs, “we may look back on this… as a critical moment when a petulant and not-so-bright billionaire carelessly acquired one of the most powerful communications tools and simply turned it over to the far-right,” Hasan added.

He stated on Twitter, “NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis …” and another post saying:Same org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & built Matt Lauer his rape office. Lovely people.

One of Musk’s Twitter followers then chimed in, bringing up Maxwell’s case. The media shifted its attention away from Maxwell’s trial and onto other smaller events, such as Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars, according to the Twitter user.

In December, Fox News claimed that Twitter had terminated one user profile that was giving thorough trial coverage to over 500,000 followers.

“It’s also ‘interesting’ that when the Ghislaine Maxwell trial gained traction, the account following it was blocked. @RationalEtienne tweeted, “Lovely folks indeed.”

Musk immediately took to Twitter to demand that the list of Epstein’s clients be made public.

Epstein, who previously had an offender record thanks to a contentious 2008 plea agreement, died in a federal detention cell in NYC in 2019 while awaiting a trafficking trial. Even though many questions remain regarding whether Epstein was genuinely accountable for his own death, he can no longer be held criminally liable after this was officially termed a “suicide.”