The Duke of York seems to be on his own during the trial that shook the world. He is trying to raise money to pay his legal fees in connection with his court struggle with Virginia Giuffre. According to a source, the Queen will not assist Prince Andrew in paying his bills, so he is struggling to collect the needed money in time.

A report discusses how Andrew was accused of sexually abusing Ms. Giuffre three times when she was only 17 years old. He denies having anything to do with the crime, but he will still face a full civil trial. Andrew is now attempting to sell his £17 million worth chalet in Switzerland since the Queen revealed she would not cover the mounting expenses. Andrew Ferguson, 61, and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson own Chalet Helora in the Verbier ski resort, and selling the venue seems to be the only way to collect a large sum in a short period of time.

According to legal experts, if Andrew loses the legal battle, Ms. Giuffre could be given a settlement that could easily be as much as £3million.

The anonymous source claims that the Queen won’t help Andrew collect the funds and that Prince Charles and Prince William were enraged when they learned that the Queen was supposed to settle the bills.

According to sources, the Duke, who fiercely denies the allegations, wants to defend his name but understands that a civil trial would be disastrous for the monarchy’s standing.

Ms. Giuffre has stated repeatedly that she plans to face the Duke in court.