Virginia Giuffre was one of the first to voice concerns over Epstein, revealing everything about the sexual abuse that took place when she was 17. She filed a lawsuit in August, alleging that Prince Andrew sexually abused her at Epstein’s home. Ghislaine Maxwell enticed her into the ring at the age of sixteen, breaking her defenses with deception and promises to train her to become a massage therapist. According to Epstein’s accuser, Maxwell was even nastier than the late millionaire.

Despite the fact that Virginia Giuffre did not testify at Maxwell’s trial, she expressed relief that the jury found her guilty on five of the six charges.

For the Cut, Giuffre confessed that she has been fantasizing about this day for the past decade, unsure whether it will ever happen. She talked about the sleepless nights she had before the trial started and how she wished she could get into the minds of the jurors, saying she was glad people saw Maxwell for who she really was.

She said that the defense’s claim that Maxwell was simply Epstein’s manager was incorrect and that she had also participated in the abuse.

Giuffre went on to explain the situation, saying that the appointments were set up by Maxwell, who went out to look for new victims on a regular basis. Sometimes, Epstein’s manager was a part of the sexual relation, according to Giuffre.

She went on to claim that Maxwell was absolutely far worse than Epstein, saying that she used her charm and intelligence to project an image of someone trustworthy. Epstein committed a number of heinous acts, overwhelmed by his wicked urges, and Ghislaine made all of it possible by bringing the girls to him.